Parenting Tool Kit - Fear of Monsters

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A Fear of Monsters?

Every Child's Nightmare .... Every Parent's Dilemma.

How much is your sleep worth to you?
The book helped me get my sleep back and I no longer
have to wake up and comfort my five-year-old son who was too scared to sleep in his own room. First off, the book starts by acknowledging the fear “Yes, there is a monster in your room” but then it disarms the fear “the monster has lost his mommy and is scared” and, finally, it engages the child in removing the fear “we are going to help the monster find his mommy”. The child takes on the lead role in the act of removing his fear. Very clever and it worked. Buy it if you value a good night’s sleep.
Vlad, Florham Park, NJ

Our illustrated children's book, complete with magical products, and dotted with a child's imagination, just may be your answer! See below for product detail.

Along Came A Monster is a recipient of the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award 2018 Goodreads Choice Awards

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The Book

It seems nothing can stop Brian. Adventures and messes are some of his favorite things, but when bedtime arrives it's Monsters that stop him in his tracks.

Follow Brian along on his adventure as he discovers that Monsters aren't as scary as they seem. Brian is charged with the task of finding a way to get his Monster back home.

He accomplishes this through clues he gets from a dream where he meets his Monster, learns why his Monster is hiding in his closet, and how to help get his Monster home.

This book was illustrated by award winning illustrator, Lorraine Dey. Click here to see the Illustration from this book that was featured in Children's Illustrators Organization at the 2018 Bologna, Italy Children's Book Fair.

This book was edited by Nancy Day, a New York Times mentioned children's book author.
Along Came A Monster The Monster's Transport

The Magical Monster's Transport Box

The Magical Transport Box is one of the integral and valuable pieces of this story. It's designed so that the child can personalize it to be a reflection of themselves and their own Monster. There are areas that they'll be guided to for creating and coloring. Then, they'll use their imagination to personalize the rest.

The Window Sticker

The Window Sticker (an easily removable window cling) completes the process. The book will reveal how it works in conjunction with the transport box.